THE PUSHER KILN has a hydraulic system that pushes load trays (ceramic or metal) through the kiln tunnel. The trays may push through various zones of temperature to meet a particular temperature profile. For larger load sizes, more than one tray may be pushed in at a time. When the trays reach the exit end of the kiln, they may be manually or automatically returned to the entrance end for reloading. As in the Car Kiln, the entire process can be automated to be safer and more efficient.

Pacific Kiln has years of experience in helping our customers decide which continuous kiln is right for their process. Our engineering staff will guide you through the process of defining your work load size and volume, temperature and atmosphere requirements and degree of automation and control technology. The end result is a continuous furnace that meets your requirements and gives you years of trouble free operation. Please contact us to find out what will work best for you.