Most factories have ventilation systems that cause significant variations in ambient pressure. When exhaust fans are turned on or large roll-up doors are open and closed, the building pressure can swing positive or negative. These changes will dramatically affect performance of kilns operating in this environment, which are designed to operate at neutral or slightly negative pressures. To address this problem, Pacific Kiln has developed the Automatic Pressure Control System for ceramic kilns. The SYSTEM automatically senses the pressure in the kiln and adjusts the damper on the end of the stack to maintain the desired pressure. This System, which is available as an option on all of Pacific Kiln's new kilns and as a Retrofit Package offers numerous benefits including:



  •  Prevents smoke leaks
  • Improves heat distribution throughout furnace
  • Reduces cold face temperatures
  • Increases retention time and Afterburner performance
  • Improves furnace efficiency
The Automatic Pressure Control system is available in three sizes to fit square stacks with 24 in., 30 in. and 36 in. outside dimensions. The damper section is designed to bolt-up directly to existing Pacific Kiln stacks and can easily be adapted to fit other stacks The system comes complete with an automatically controlled damper, a pressure sensor/indicator and all required electrical components. The Retrofit Package includes an enclosure for the pressure sensor/indictor and electrical components.