Volume 14, Number 2

Back in 2006 PCC Airfoils in Minerva, Ohio was in need of a Car Bottom Furnace they turned to the Investment Casting Furnace experts here at Pacific Kiln to manufacture a new Car Bottom Furnace to replace the out dated furnace they had. The PKI furnace purchased in 2006 has outperformed their expectations in production so much that they have recently purchased another Car Bottom Burnout furnace. With the addition of this new furnace they will further increase their productivity and output. Pacific Kiln continues to respond to the many changing and challenging demands of the Investment Casting Industry by providing many furnace and FlashFire Dewax models and options.

PCC Airfoils is a leading producer of jet engine components; they have developed highly automated processes for the manufacturing of blades and vanes. They also have a significant process development with ceramic cores, solidification technology, computer-modeling and inspection methods. PCC Airfoils, LLC has multiple manufacturing sites in the United States, Mexico, and England.

Congratulations PCC Minerva on making the right choice and a smart investment!

Kiln Korner

SCAQMD Rule 1147 for Low NOx Emissions
South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) has introduced and is strongly enforcing Rule 1147; which is a retrofit rule designed to lower NOx emissions on all NOx emitting gas fired equipment; the ultimate goal of this rule is to lower NOx ppm levels.
Pacific Kiln is involved with a research and development project to manufacture a low NOx burner retrofit for all Pacific Kiln Burnout, Pre-heat, FlashFire furnaces currently operating in Southern California. Although this project is in the beginning stages of development the retrofits will be available for other furnaces, regardless of size or manufacturer.
On a positive note, some of PKI’s older furnaces have been tested and already comply with this new rule!

Recent Installations

Solidiform, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas – “New Generation” Double Door FlashFire Dewax System

Oakley, Dayton, Nevada – “Standard” FlashFire Dewax System
Highland Lakes Quality Castings, Marble Falls, Texas – “Standard” Wax Burnout Furnace
PCC Airfoils, Minerva, Ohio – “New Generation” Car Bottom Wax
Burnout Furnace
Venture Aerobearings, LLC, Ladson, South Carolina – 80 Gallon Teardrop Slurry Tank and Mixer
University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming – “Economy” Slurry Mixer

Employee Spotlight

Pacific Kiln has many dedicated employees in the 34 years we have
been in business.
We would like to acknowledge
Miranda Acosta as such an individual.
Miranda began her employment with Pacific Kiln in March 2009. She brought with her a solid background in all administrative functions. Many of our customers have direct contact with her on a regular basis. She assists in the day-to-day operations and management of the office, including sales, shipping/receiving, invoicing and general information.
PKI would like to thank Miranda for her dedication and hard work to the company!

New Orders

PCC Structurals, Carson City, Nevada – (2) “New Generation” Wax Burnout Pusher Furnaces

United Orthopedic, Hsinchu, Taiwan – “Standard” FlashFire Dewax System
Quality Castings, Waukesha, Wisconsin – “Standard” Double Door Wax Burnout Furnace
Uni-Cast, Londonderry, New Hampshire – “New Generation” Wax
Burnout Furnace
Macomb Community College, Warren, Michigan – “Economy” Slurry Mixer
Julienne Atelier, Inc., Pense, Saskatchewan – (2) “Deluxe” Slurry Mixers
RLM Industries, Inc., Oxford, Michigan – “New Generation” Double Door FlashFire Dewax System
F.I. Finishing, Ventura, California – 80 Gallon Teardrop Slurry Tank and Mixer
Barrier Technologies, Watkins, Minnesota- Variable Speed Slurry Mixer
Venture Aerobearings, LLC, Ladson, South Carolina – 80 Gallon Teardrop Slurry Tank and Mixer
Dafmex, Mexicali, Baja California – Complete Furnace Refractory Re-line
Soundcast, Costa Mesa, California – 2 Fludized Bed Sanders (24” diameter)
Aviocast, Inc., Shalu Taichung, Taiwan – “Standard” FlashFire Dewax System

ThermoFlo Pusher Tiles - New Orders

Dafco – Kentucky
Howmet Castings – Michigan
Signicast Corporation – Wisconsin
BIOMET Inc. – New Jersey
Hitchiner Mfg. Co. – New Hampshire
OJSC Perm Engine Co. – Russia
Kovatch Casting – Ohio
PCC Structurals – California
Pine Tree Castings/Ruger – New Hampshire