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Maintenance is the Key to Long Furnace Life

Consider what the burnout, preheat or FlashFire Dewax furnace has to go through, many times 24 hours per day. High temperatures, high velocities, smoke and fumes, temperatures cycling constantly, doors opening and closing continuously and operators moving molds in and out of the furnace, all day long. All this activity takes its toll in the form of shrinking and cracking refractories and insulation, worn components (particularly in the door area), burner and control adjustment, and specifically for FlashFire Dewax, wax build-up in the drain tubes and extinguishing chamber.

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ACRA Cast does it all with the new FlashFire Dewax System

In September of 1998, Richard Singer, General Manager of Acra Cast Inc. in Bay City, Michigan, began the mission of improving their foundry's dewax, burnout and preheat process. Since they already flash fired their shells (sort of) the Pacific Kiln FlashFire Dewax System was the natural place to begin. When Richard came to our factory to test FlashFire his molds, it became obvious that his list of current problems and deficiencies, could be dramatically reduced, if not eliminated entirely.

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