Elevator FlashFire Dewax System

The "ELEVATOR" FlashFire Dewax System is the solution for the budget minded foundry that wants or needs to enter into a higher level of process control in dewax, burnout and preheat.  The "ELEVATOR" does it all and with the utmost in safety, and most of all results.  Incorporating all the patented benefits of the original FlashFire Dewax System, introduced in 1994, this unit was designed with a focus on flexibility and simplicity.  While the Furnace is holding your set point temperature, put your molds anywhere on the load grate, push the button and within seconds your shells are entered into the furnace and begin to dewax.  When the dewax/burnout process is complete, push the button and the bed lowers for shell removal and reloading for another cycle.  Simple, fast, repeatable. 

Just look at all the benefits of the "ELEVATOR" FlashFire Dewax System:

  • Dewax, burnout and preheat in the same cycle
  • Eliminate the autoclave and boiler system
  • Wax is recovered without moisture, virtually ready to be reused
  • Automated system means operator safety and repeatable results
Design Features
  • Rugged steel construction that will hold up to every day, all day use
  • High temperature ceramic fiber insulation for fast heat-up and maximum energy efficiency
  • Rated for up to 1800ºF operation
  • Pacific Kiln "Power Burner" system with Fireye flame safety and ignition
  • Digital temperature control for accurate and repeatable firing temperatures
  • Heavy duty hearth lift mechanism automatically raises and lowers with a touch of the button.
  • Hearth grate is made of replaceable heavy stainless steel bars
  • Wax drains into an "Extinguishing Chamber" precharged with inert gas to prevent wax fire.  The wax then drains outside into a holding pan for reuse.
  • Pacific Kiln control panel may be mounted where convenient or on an optional stand.  All electronic controls are housed in this panel.
  • Complete operator and maintenance manual, plus electrical schematic
  • Simple assembly and installation.  Instructions included
E-FFDWS-303030 30" 30" 30" 500,000 1 LB. (28"WC)
E-FFDWS-363636 36" 36" 36" 500,000 1 LB. (28"WC)
E-FFDWS-424236 42" 42" 36" 500,000 1 LB. (28"WC)
E-FFDWS-484836 48" 48" 48" 500,000 1 LB. (28"WC)
Call for price quotation.  All prices are F.O.B. Moreno Valley, CA.  Crating is not included.
Available Options
  • Afterburner System to control smoke emissions from burnout processs
  • Control Panel Stand (or panel can be wall mounted)
  • Single or Multi-Program Temperature Controller
  • Independent High Limit Temperature Control
  • FM or IRI Safety Fuel Train (Normally an insurance requirement)
  • Oxygen Analyzer (Control panel mounted)
  • Automatic Furnace Pressure Control Damper