New Pacific Kiln PBF-352NG-DD

Pacific Kiln “New Generation” Double Door Wax Burnout Furnace

This furnace was built in June of 2016. This is a completely new furnace.

The afterburner is a CAT III with air injection, all the components are new and the unit was completely factory tested and adjusted. This will give the buyer a factory guarantee of condition and operation.  The specification is as follows:

“New Generation” Double Door Wax Burnout Furnace"

Model No.:  PBF-352NG-DD

Load Area:  61”W X 86”D X 58”H (X2) (2) load areas, side-by-side, single temperature control zone

Maximum Operating Temperature:  2200°F

Normal Operating Temperature: 2000°F

Electrical: 460 VAC, 3PH, 60 HZ, 60 Amps

Natural Gas Pressure Required: 1 PSI Minimum, 5 PSI Maximum


Category III with air injection.  This afterburner is designed to reduce VOC and particulate emissions 99%+ with a maximum mold wax load of 45 lbs. and a maximum burn rate of 9.0 lbs. per minute. Documentation is included for air quality permit application.

Burner System: 

Main Burners are six (6) Eclipse Thermjet burners (500,000 BTU/H Max. Each)

Afterburner is one (2) Pacific Kiln 4” Burner (1,050,000 BTU/H Max. Each)

Flame Safety:  100% Fireye Flame Safe w/ purge, auto ignition and air safety.

Temperature Control:  

Yokogawa UP55A-022-11-00 Programmable Controller

Dual Fully modulated air/gas burner control for Low and High Temperature operation

Options included on this System:

High Limit Safety Controllers Yokogawa UT35A-L00-11-00

2” Safety Fuel Train

Automatic Furnace Pressure Control Damper System

Automatic door safety latches

Type “S” Thermocouples

15” HMI touch screen, Allen Bradley PLC and Square D components

Dual Temeperature control system for low temperature (800-1200°F) and high temperature control (1200-2000°F)

Complete manuals and documentation, including assembly, installation, operation and maintenance instructions.

 NOTE:  This “New Generation” Double Door Wax Burnout Furnace is available for immediate delivery

We hope this unique offer meets with your approval.  If you have any additional questions, please contact us at the above numbers or e-mail